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The Red Carpet Programme 

The Red Carpet Programme (RCP) is a visa facilitation scheme offering fast-track service for qualified business entities.

In short, RCP offers its business members:

  • No need for appointment
  • No need to apply in person (if fingerprints taken less than 5 years ago)
  • Reduced documentation requirements
  • Decision within three working days (service goal)
  • Multiple-entry visas

For more details, read the Danish MFA’s general definition of the Red Carpet Programme


Who is the Red Carpet Programme for?

A company or organisation can be considered for entering into a RCP agreement if it has:

  • a real and documented need for frequent business-related visits to one specific business partner in Denmark

    These visits must not require a work permit, but must be acceptable within the rules for Schengen visas.

    Denmark must be the first point of entry and the main destination.

  • a certain number of employees in need of frequent visits to Denmark

The requirement of the Danish Embassy in Ankara is a history of 12 or more visa applications lodged at the Embassy within the past year from employees in the Turkish company. The +12 applications should show the company’s need to send employees to Denmark frequently throughout the year


How to be considered for the Red Carpet Programme

If your company or organisation fulfils the above-mentioned criteria, you are welcome to send a request to the visa section at the Royal Danish Embassy in Ankara by e-mail [email protected].

Please state the name of the company or organisation you represent and the name of the Danish company or organisation you do business with.

Before applying please read the terms and conditions of the Red Carpet Programme

The Embassy will aim at responding to your request within two weeks. A representative from your company or organisation may be called to the Embassy for an interview.

If you are approved to be enrolled in RCP, the Embassy will ask both the Turkish company and the Danish business partner to fill out contracts and further instructions regarding visa application under RCP will be given.

Please note, that if the Embassy does not deem your company or organisation eligible for RCP, it does not affect your eligibility for applying for and obtaining a Schengen visa following standard procedures. You can find more information about visa applications with business purpose here:Business visa (


Compliance prior to all

It is important to be aware that a RCP agreement does not exempt applicants from the general regulations concerning Schengen business visas. RCP companies and their employees must follow the conditions of the Schengen Visa Code and the Danish Visa Guidelines like all other applicants. You can find more information about the legal basis for visa case processing on the homepage of the Danish Immigration Service: New to Denmark (

One important legal aspect to consider when you apply for a business visa is the distinction between business purposes on a Schengen-visa and purposes which require a work permit. You can find more information about this distinction here: New to Denmark (

Non-compliance with and misuse of Schengen rules are grounds for immediate termination of a Red Carpet Agreement