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Visa conditions for Turkish citizens who are to perform a service in Denmark (Soysal decision)

As a result of a judgement from the European Court of Justice of 19 February 2009 Turkish citizens who are residing and employed in Turkey, and who can be designated as a service provider, can enter Denmark without a visa if the purpose of the stay in Denmark is to provide a service of short duration

More information about rules and requirements of the visa exemption can be found on the homepage of the Danish Immigration Service (DIS).

Turkish nationals who are to perform a service in Denmark must be aware that the visa exemption does not apply to the other Schengen Member States. Consequently, the person in question must obtain a visa to the relevant Schengen country before entering.

Please note that the exemption is only pertinent to Turkish service providers, who meet the demands outlined by DIS. Other Turkish nationals must have obtained a visa before entering Denmark.

If you, after reading through the directions on the homepage of the DIS, are still uncertain if you meet the demands listed regarding service providers, the Danish Embassy in Ankara can be contacted for further guidance.

Please note that the Visa Application Centres (VAC) are not authorised to supervise on the matter.

If you lodge an application at a VAC and the subsequent process at the Embassy reveals that you are visa exempt in accordance with the set rules for service providers, the service fee paid at the VAC is not refundable, whereas the fee for filing the visa application can be refunded.

If the Embassy finds that a person meets the requirements regarding Turkish nationals rendering services in Denmark, the relevant mission can hand out a document to the applicant which can be presented to the Danish authorities upon entry into Denmark.

Please note that all applicants are responsible for selecting in which category they wish to apply (e.g. family visit or business visit). Consequently, people who believe that they fall under the Danish regulations regarding Turkish service providers are also responsible for bringing the required documentation to present at the Danish border. The documentation must confirm that the purpose of the trip is to provide a service for which reason they are visa exempt in accordance with the set rules.