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Visa applications from non-Turkish citizens

Representation agreements

In a number of countries in the region, Denmark does not have a diplomatic mission that can issue visas. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have agreements with the following countries to process visa applications on behalf of Denmark:

  • Algeria: Represented by Norway
  • Azerbaijan: Represented by Norway
  • Georgia: Represented by Estonia
  • Jordan: Represented by Norway.
  • Kirgizstan: Represented by Germany. The agreement has been suspended temporarily.
  • Libya: Represented by Germany. The agreement has been suspended temporarily.
  • Tunisia: Represented by Finland.

There are no representation agreements for Iraq and Syria.

The agreements are to be viewed as an offer to visa applicants in countries where Denmark has no representations, which are authorised to issue Schengen visas.
However, it does not exclude the possibility of submitting an application to an authorised Danish representation, which can process the application according to Danish procedures, legislation etc., including complaint instructions.

A refusal from another Schengen country does not lead to an automatic refusal by Danish authorities.

If the applicant does not want to make use of the representation agreement, the applicant can – for example – choose to travel to Turkey to hand in the application. It is a condition that the applicant is staying legally in Turkey (e.g. crossed the border legally and has an entry stamp) and that there is a valid reason for not submitting the application in the applicant’s home country.

For further information about the representation agreements, please find more information at the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to apply for a visa in Turkey

An application for visa is to be handed in personally at one of the 4 local visa application centres (VAC) in Turkey. The Visa Application Centre, VFS Global, is a private company which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has employed for outsourcing. The employees at the application centres are employed by VFS Global and not by the Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The VACs are found in the following cities in Turkey: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. For further information about the VACs, please go to the VFS Global website here.

In connection with the application, biometric features need to be recorded (fingerprints and picture).

As of 1 September 2019, the Embassy in Ankara will handle all visa applications.

Visa processing

The Danish missions in Turkey can decide on an application for themselves or submit the application to the Danish Immigration Service (DIS).
The assessment of any immigration or security risk is based on the Mission’s experience and knowledge of immigration tendencies compared with the applicant’s personal circumstances. Please read more about application processing and requirements on the website of DIS.

The Mission’s decision to submit an application to DIS is not considered a decision according to Danish law. Therefore, a complaint over the Mission submitting an application to DIS cannot be filed.

When DIS decides on a visa case, they will do it according to Danish visa practice. For more information about visa practice for each country, please contact DIS by phone: + 45 35 36 66 00 or via

Processing time

Decisions about visa applications must normally be made within 15 days, however; in exceptional cases it may take up to 30 days. In some cases, applications will require further enquiry. If further scrutiny of a case is required, the processing time may be up to 60 days.