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Red Carpet Programme

Fast-track business visa to Denmark – the Red Carpet Programme

What is the Red Carpet Programme?

 The Red Carpet Programme introduces simplified procedures to obtaining a Danish Schengen-visa for applicants who frequently travel to Denmark on business visits. The aim is to facilitate the application process for foreign companies, NGO’s etc. with connections to Danish companies or organisations.*

The Red Carpet Programme is open to foreign private and public companies and organisations or Danish subsidiaries located abroad. A precondition for inclusion in the programme is the fulfilment of the criteria defined by the local Danish representation.

*Danish companies and organisation wishing to invite foreign nationals to Denmark for a visit can by means of applying for prior approval by the Danish Immigration Service invite applicants, whose applications will be given fast-track process, but with the same requirements for documentation as normal.

More information about prior approval by the Danish Immigration Service can be found here 


Who can be enrolled?

 An approval must have taken place before the employee of a foreign company or organisation can benefit from the Red Carpet Programme. Here are some examples of entities which could be eligible for enrolment:

  • Well-established local subsidiaries of Danish companies
  • Well-established local companies with a subsidiary in Denmark
  • Companies whose employees frequently visit Denmark
  • A local company with a partnership with a Danish company, whose employees frequently visit Denmark
  • Local companies with an interest in investing in Denmark
  • Local organisations (NGO’s, agencies etc.) with a close cooperation with Danish institutions or organisations.

It is the Danish representation alone that determines whether a company or organisation is qualified.


What does the Red Carpet Programme offer?

The benefits for applicants employed within companies or organisations in the Red Carpet Programme are as follows:

  • Fast-track visa case processing (3 working days is the aim)*
  • Reduced documentation requirements**
  • No need for personal attendance
  • No appointment needed
  • Multiple entries and longer-term visa validity
*The normal rules for consultation with the security authorities is still mandatory for applicants, who are subject to a prior consultation check by one or more Schengen-states before a visa can be issued. In these cases, the case processing time will normally be 10-12 days.
** Supporting documentation can be requested if needed in the case processing.

How to enroll

The approval for enrolment is handled at the local Danish representation. In order to apply, you need to obtain the necessary forms.

Please make your request for an agreement form by sending an email to the Royal Danish Embassy in Ankara:

Before applying, please read the Terms and Conditions of the Red Carpet Programme.

You will be contacted by the representation, who will perform an initial assessment. If your company/organisation lives up to the basic requirements of the programme, the representation will follow up by providing you with the agreement form and a list of required documentation.


Submitting forms and documents

The agreement form and annexes must be filled in and returned along with supplementary documentation.

Your application can be emailed, sent by post or handed in during normal opening hours at the Embassy’s reception.


When a decision is reached

The Embassy will reach a decision within two weeks. A representative from your company or organisation may be called to the Embassy for an interview.

If you are approved to be enrolled in the Red Carpet Programme an agreement is signed by both parties and further information regarding visa application procedures is forwarded to you.

If you are not approved you will receive a written reply from the Embassy informing you of this.

Please note, that this decision does not affect in any way eligibility for applying for and obtaining a Schengen-visa following standard visa application procedures.