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Strategic Partnership

The purpose of a strategic partnership between the Trade Council of Denmark and the company is basically a natural and logical continuation of an existing cooperation (for example through a market analysis / partner search).

The knowledge we gain of the company – the internal knowledge and the external knowledge – are useful tools in relation to the company’s future success in the local market.

We define internal knowledge as: The company’s management, culture, products and services. 

We define external knowledge as: Market information/ conditions, agent/ distributor, competition situation. Under normal circumstances will the cooperation between the Trade Council and the company ”stop” when we have finished and delivered our report. Hereafter it is up to the company, based on the information they have received, to continue with the further “cultivation” of the market.

By introducing a strategic partnership, we wish to continue the cooperation with the company and hereby increase the likelihood of a successful market entry.

Both the internal and external knowledge of the company and the market that we have acquired can be transformed into concrete value added features such as:

  • To support the further communication the potential agent
  • To survey the market in relation to the company’s specific product area (market surveillance)
  • To provide on-going contact to the agent/distributor
  • To work as the company’s extended arm in the market

Strategic partnership is based on the below listed content:

Field Visit 

  • Planning and coordination 
  • Participation in meetings 
  • Evaluation

Access to local network 

  • Local authorities 
  • Direct business related contacts 
  • Other market contacts 
  • Introduction to Danish Business Council Turkey

Assistance to local business plan 

  • Assistance to preparation of local business plan 
  • Assistance to execution of local business plan 
  • Assistance to evaluation of local business plan
  • The strategic partnership can also be extended into below areas upon request:

Market monitoring 

  • Continuous monitoring of market potential 
  • Continuous monitoring of competitors

Market follow-up 

  • Continuous follow-up in regard to partners 
  • Continuous follow-up in regard to customers