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Partner Identifications

The purpose of the Partner search is to assist Danish companies in their localization, evaluation and the selection of the optimal partner.

For a Danish company to be dependent on a local partner is it of imperative importance that the chosen partner is capable of fulfilling the company’s expectations and needs. The company is thus required to be able to localize, evaluate and select a suitable partner, which in a foreign market can prove to be very difficult.

The Trade Council of Denmark in Turkey has through experience and professional insight achieved specialized competences in the selection’s different phases. With a solid local knowledge, access to local networks and databases we can make sure that the initial group of potential partners has a satisfactory size. With tailor made approaches and with much previous experience we can offer an effective preliminary due diligence. Finally we can by standardized assessment methods carry out an objective comparison of selected potential partners, which afterwards are compared to concrete information and specific aspects that we have received knowledge on during the entire process.

We offer all companies that need to establish a relationship to a local partner to locate evaluate and recommend a potential partner. Moreover do we offer to evaluate actual and potential risks in connection with the company’s future cooperation with the individual potential partner, based on the below content:

Analytical overview 

  • Analytical objective and approach
  • Analytical parameters 
  • Research method

Market overview

  • General introduction to Turkey 
  • Overview of local market structure, market players and market potential

Selection of potential partners

  • Initial screening
  • Outlining of key market players 
  • Interviews with potential partners
  • Gradual selection

Evaluation of potential partners

  • Preliminary due diligence of potential partners 
  • Individual evaluation 
  • Benchmarking of potential partners 
  • Assessment of compatibility with pre specified requirements

TCD recommendations

Next steps

The partner search can also be extended into the below areas upon request:

Extended screening

  • Fully register based screening
  • Interviews of all potential subjects during the preliminary selection 
  • Interviews of all key market players 
  • Extended due diligence

Assessment of agent risk

  • Extended due diligence 
  • Extended research on reputation of potential agents 
  • Extended research on previous results of potential agents 
  • Assessment of potential agents alignment of interests 
  • Assessment of potential agents credibility 
  • Assessment of potential dynamic