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Other Products and Services

Standard Reports

  • Danish subsidiary list 
  • Danish agent list 
  • Formal alternatives of establishment in Turkey

“Standard reports” is a number of analyses and lists, which are relevant for all Danish companies with interest or activities in Turkey.

“Standard reports” can be perceived as a standalone product and also as a compliment to individual prepared analyses.

Field Visit 

  • Planning and coordination 
  • Participation in meetings
  • Evaluation


  • Exhibition visit and reports on an individual basis 
  • Planning and coordination of exhibition participation 
  • Research in regard to exhibition possibilities

Attestation of Documents

  • General certification 
  • Assistance in regard to custom ”verification of import documentation” 
  • Information regarding VAT, duties, customs, technical trade barriers, as well as documents relating to the country or origin, customs clearance and transport

General Assistance 

  • Special enquiries 
  • Contact with authorities - assist Danish companies in presenting their arguments
  • Project export - we offer information and advisory services about contracts for projects sponsored  by international finance institutions such as the World Bank, the UN and the EU

In addition to the above mentioned, the Trade Council of Denmark arrange and coordinate on a frequent basis business delegations, general export campaigns and significant events.