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Visa, residence permit and re-entry permit

Turkish citizens must obtain a Schengen visa, a residence permit or a re-entry permit before departure for Denmark. Holders of Turkish diplomatic, service and official (green) passports can visit Denmark for up to three months without a visa. Denmark also issues visas for Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

Applying for visa in Turkey

Denmark has 5 visa application centres in Turkey. They are located in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Gaziantep. Applications for visa and residence permits must be submitted here. The applicant must submit his application in person. Applicants may be invited for an interview at the Embassy after they submit their application. Information about who can acquire a visa or a residence permit to Denmark, and the conditions for obtaining one, can be found here.

Turkish citizens who hold a Turkish diplomatic passport, service passport, or special passport ("green passport") can travel to and stay in Denmark and Iceland for up to 90 days without a visa.

A visa application cannot be submitted more than 3 months before the intended date of travel.

We recommend booking an appointment for handing in your application. You can book an appointment on this link.

Only the applicant himself will be allowed into the centre (accompanying family members and friends must wait outside).

Applications for visa to Iceland should be submitted at the same centres.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted. It is recommended not to sign any forms unless you understand the content.

Unauthorised persons outside of the visa application centres sometimes offer unsolicited assistance with filling in application forms, etc. (often for very high prices).

Neither the embassy nor the visa application centres work with these people and cannot be held responsible for lacking or incorrect guidance given by these individuals. Any use of these external services takes place at the applicant's own responsibility.


The visa application centres in Turkey: Addresses, opening hours and fees

Opening hours and the addresses of the visa application centres can be found here

Please note that – in addition to the fee paid to the embassy/ general consulate for submitting a visa application – there is also a service fee of for each application to be paid to the visa application centre. See the complete list of fees here.

For further information, see the application centres' website 

Case processing time

Processing time for visa applications are 15 calendar days. Note that, if the case is submitted to the Danish Immigration Service by the Embassy/Consulate General, the case processing time can be expected to be between 30-60 days. However, in some cases where closer scrutiny is necessary, the processing time may be even longer.

It is possible to apply for visa with the following purposes:

  • Family visit
  • Tourism
  • Study in Denmark
  • Business
  • Culture or sport

All necessary information about the application procedure in Turkey can be found here.

Information sheet -  storage of applicants biometric data.

Visa application form - English (2019)

GDPR-information, applicant - English (2019)
GDPR-information, host - Danish (2019)

Applying for residence and work permit in Turkey

The embassy refers applicants to the Danish Immigration Service website for information on how to obtain:

Applicants who fulfil the conditions for a residence permit and who themselves contribute with all the necessary information can expect their case to be handled quicker by the Danish Immigration Service.

In addition to the documents mentioned in the application forms, Turkish citizens must also submit an original and recent family declaration (nüfus kayit örnegi) translated to either English or Danish by an authorised translator.

Further information on how to apply for residence and work permit, incl. the payable fees

For information about the fees to be paid for submitting an application at the visa application centre see: 

The application forms can be found here.

The application can be made online here.

More information

In addition to the above links, we recommend you to read the following leaflet:


Denmark, Open for Business and Pleasure - How to apply for a visa for Denmark