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Strategic sector cooperation project on waste and resource management signed

16.03.2017  10:37


On 21 February 2017 a new so-called strategic sector cooperation (SSC) project was signed between Turkey and Denmark. The official title of this SSC project is “Waste and Resource Management” and it is scheduled to run from February 2017 until June 2019.



The main project partners are the Turkish Ministry of Environment & Urbanisation – General Directorate for Environmental Management and the Danish Ministry of Environment & Food – Danish Environmental Protection Agency.



The overall objective for this SSC project is development of a well-functioning waste and resource management system in Turkey including enforcement and implementation of legislation and to achieve the long term goals of the Turkish government for waste and resource management.



The three main areas to be discussed during the cooperation are 1. Raising public awareness on waste prevention, sorting at source and recycling, 2. Mechanisms for financing waste management, and 3. Raising awareness on challenges and possibilities for waste water sludge management.



The expected outputs from the three main areas are 1. Preparation of a general strategy document on raising public awareness, 2. Input to a new national strategy/policy on using financing in relation to improving recycling, and 3. Contributions from Danish experts to the development of future strategy for sludge management.



Finally it should be mentioned that an additional SSC project between Denmark and Turkey within energy is expected to be signed within the upcoming months. The partners here should be the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – General Directorate for Renewable Energy while the Danish partner authority will be the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities & Climate – Danish Energy Agency. The project title is likely to be “Efficient and Low Carbon Heating and Cooling.”



Both above-mentioned SSC projects are facilitated by the following people at the Danish Embassy in Ankara: