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Denmark and Turkey sign partnership on technical cooperation within sustainable energy supply

11.04.2017  11:18

On 7 April 2017 a three-year partnership agreement was signed between Danish and Turkish energy authorities on technical cooperation within efficient and low carbon supply of heating and cooling. The agreement has been closed as a part of the Danish government’s initiative on authority cooperation projects between Denmark and strategically selected countries.

The cooperation will run for a period of three years with the purpose of ensuring a more efficient legislation on heat supply for Turkey and thus establishing more sustainable and cost effective solutions for energy supply.

With its limited national energy resources, Turkey is dependent on energy imports and this dependency is rapidly increasing in line with the economic growth in recent years. The Turkish government wish to decrease the country’s dependency on imported fossil energy of which around 1/3 is used for heating and cooling in buildings. The Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has shown interest in Danish experiences within collective energy supply and exploration of renewable energy sources for heating up buildings. Furthermore, Turkey has interest in adding relevant Danish technologies.


Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen

Growth Advisor for Energy, Environment, Research and Innovation

Danish Embassy in Ankara