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District heating knowledge sharing in Denmark.

A Turkish delegation of technical experts and decision makers recently attended a district heating and cooling study tour in Denmark. This continuous cooperation between Turkish and Danish authorities enhances and helps encourage the drive for sustainable development in Turkey.

The strategic sector cooperation project on clean energy, district heating and cooling in Turkey is continuously providing great learning and prospects that are beneficial for both parties involved. Recently, a Turkish delegation consisting of technical experts from relevant Turkish public institutions attended a study tour to Denmark on district heating and cooling.

The study tour in Denmark provided opportunities to increase the district heating capacity as well as international knowledge sharing, and provide inspiration to Turkish experts on Danish best practices.


The Turkish delegation learned from various successes and obstacles in the use of district cooling and heating from all over Denmark. Institutions within Copenhagen - the largest municipality of Denmark - provided knowledge regarding large scale practices, and smaller institutions in Southern Jutland provided different useful information related to area and size. The geographical character of Turkey differs from that of Denmark.


This is why the programme seeks to contain useful knowledge that resonates with different scenarios, and illustrates solutions adapted to various challenges. The study tour consisted of visits to ten different sites where the themes varied from optimised district energy systems to financial mechanisms of resource management and public-private collaborations in the energy sector. Furthermore, the municipalities’ role in heat planning was a continuous element of the study tour.



The participants of the study tour represented relevant Turkish stakeholders with various backgrounds and expertise. The delegation was carefully selected in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation in order to include the most relevant stakeholders in the green transition in Turkey.


The ongoing strategic sector cooperation is created to provide input and inspiration for future activities and regulations in Turkey’s new energy regulation and policies. The Danish best practices shown during the recent study tour serve as inspiration to how similar approaches adapted to Turkish conditions could help the country reach its ambitious climate targets.

For more information about the strategic sector cooperation on energy, please contact Sector Counsellor Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen on denalb@um.dk or Project Coordinator Fatma Alay on fatmal@um.dk

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