Spring til indhold

New nordic premises in Ankara

After 12 years in temporary housing facilities, the Embassy finally moved to new and modern premises in Yildiz Kule in Ankara. The New Nordic design of the embassy resembles the vibes of Denmark. The Royal Embassy of Denmark would like to express great appreciation for assistance from several departments in The Foreign Ministry of Denmark.

Our old office at Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi served us well but we could not be more excited about our new open office environment. New Nordic design is now the signature of the embassy and represent the simple yet elegant style of Denmark.

The move of the embassy in Ankara has been a long time underway. Issues like permits and security measurements had prolonged the moving process, but today the results of all the hard work is coming to the surface.

The ambassador of Denmark to Turkey, Svend Olling, emphasized the following to the embassy employees at the opening breakfast: “Every single one of you has taken great responsibilities, probably much more than we could have expected of you, and this I am very appreciative of”. The success was celebrated with multiple applause, cake and laughter.



The Danish architects, Jan R. Jepsen and Mathis L. Gerlich from Friis & Moltke, designed the office space and Arne Purup from Niras did the engineering. Friis & Moltke has created a strong interplay between architecture, interior design and functionality. Windows from floor to ceiling provide alot of natural lighting and minimalistic furniture creates a calm atmosphere.


The Embassy of Denmark would like to express our great appreciation for the assistance received from several departments within the Danish Foreign Ministry! Project leader Jacob B. Bahr and all our technical colleagues have been indispensable in the setup of the Embassy.


We are all extremely excited about this new beginning and cannot wait to welcome you in Yildiz Kule in the upcoming future.

See the new address stated below.

Yurkari Dikmen Mahallesi, Turan Günes Bulvari No. 106,

Yildiz Kule Office building, 22nd floor, 06550 Ankara