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Approval of the final phase in the Danish-Turkish Waste and Resource Management cooperation

The 4th Steering Committee meeting for the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) between Denmark and Turkey on “Waste and Resource Management” took place last Wednesday at the premises of the Danish Embassy in Ankara with great success. All shareholders involved with the project are looking forward to the upcoming final 6 months of the cooperation project, which will mainly be focused on waste sorting, circular economy and financial mechanisms.

Anders Siegumfeldt, Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Danish Embassy in Ankara made the opening remarks which were supplemented by Gürsel Erul, Head of the Water and Soil Management Department in the Turkish Ministry of Environment & Urbanisation. The collaboration between the parties brought fruitful discussions regarding the progress of the project and the future remaining activities until the end of June 2019.


The main objective of the meeting was to shed light upon the status of the project and to seek approval for the last phase of the programme to be carried out in 2019. The programme for the next six months includes relevant and educational activities that support the strengthening currently taking place in the Turkish environmental regulation. This will consist of one study tour to Denmark on waste sorting and raising public awareness. Furthermore, three workshops in Turkey on various waste and resource related topics, wastewater and sludge management, and circular economy will be held. The programme will be concluded at the end of June 2019. As the Anders Siegumfeldt stated “We have an interesting but busy programme ahead of us, and I am confident that we’ll finalise all activities before the Summer”.

Within the new “Zero Waste Management” programme, one of the most comprehensive environmental, economic and health programme, Turkey is fully committing itself to the green agenda. The Danish-Turkish government-to-government cooperation has since February 2017 continuously been supported by this progress within sustainable policies. The knowledge sharing processes are valuable for both parties involved in order to enable increasing sustainable processes in both countries.

In case of related questions, please contact either Sector Counsellor Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen on denalb@um.dk or Project Coordinator Fatma Alay on fatmal@um.dk.