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Strategic Sector Cooperation lead to new and first ever law on heat supply in Turkey

The 1st steering committee meeting in bilateral cooperation between Denmark & Turkey took place last week. The project title is ”Efficient and Low Carbon supply of Heating and Cooling” and run until the end of 2019 and the plans are ambitious.
The project team on both sides consist of technical experts with in-depth knowledge of heat supply and of the importance of the right framework condition for it. On the Danish side the experts come from the Danish Energy Agency’s Centre for Global Cooperation and the Danish Embassy (sector/growth counsellor). On the Turkish side there is cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – more specific from the division for renewable energy/department for energy efficiency.

The project is ambitious, which is result of that its delivery is a political priority – the first heat supply law in Turkey. Currently the plan is for the draft law to be ready in July 2018. Prior to being able to draft the law several crucial steps have to be completed. These steps include things like conducting a gap analysis of the current relevant legislation, identification and evaluation of around 30 selected strategic aspects, completion of a concluding document covering the mentioned strategic aspects. Parallel with this an energy and heat mapping and cost benefit analysis will be carried out using the so-called DHAT tool (District Heating Assessment Tool). This tool was developed by the Danish Energy Agency and is used in several other countries.

During this week’s steering committee meeting in Ankara is was clear how much interest and support there is for the project in Turkey. The participants represented came from no less than 7 national authorities, ministries and other relevant public institutions. The discussion showed the support and interest in providing valuable input and recommendations during the process towards the drafting of the new heat legislation. The support from these stakeholders will be invaluable for the project management team during the next busy months.

Following the drafting of the heat supply law the focus of the project will turn to things like competence building among relevant Turkish partners and assistance in relation to pre-feasibility studies for specific heating/district heating project. Parallel with this the focus will also be on the future drafting of secondary legislation supporting the overall primary framework legislation.

Finally it should be highlighted that the export potential indirectly connected to this SSC project is believed to quite substantial. Therefore relevant representatives from the private sector are informed and involved when relevant. This involvement is likely to increase when the activities will get closer to the formulation of actual projects. All in all the potential for a discussion of a potential second phase of this bilateral energy cooperation in Turkey might be hard to avoid…

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